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Atomik Children are aged between six and 12 years old and are always eager to share thoughts and opinions about what makes their worlds go round. This is a demographic that is often considered to be quite incomprehensible from a business perspective, which makes the insight we produce all the more valuable. What’s more, survey results are always massively appealing to media, guaranteeing widespread publicity for brands.

Why Children?

  • Children talk more than any of us and are massively opinionated, but rarely properly listened to from a research perspective.
  • The media crave stories relating to children as they are a primary public concern.
  • Children generate the most interesting news hooks and the most engaging content, which is massively beneficial for the PR push.

Media Reach:


Children and family-related content is tremendously appealing to national news outlets. Most, if not all, daily newspapers run stories on children and happily put it towards the top of the pecking order. There are also various magazines with a parent/family focus that are always on the lookout for child-related content.


Whether in the family car or at home, parents are one of the primary audiences for radio stations. Child-related research is like gold dust on the radio waves, giving these studies a potentially huge reach.


Online channels are growing increasingly specialised, which gives research relating to children a substantial springboard. Radio station websites and digital arms of newspapers are also particularly keen to hear about qualitative and quantitative research on this demographic.


There is a host of children-focussed TV programmes which can utilise research to build editorial packages. Television programmes aimed at parents also demand research relating to children, giving these types of projects a tremendous reach.

Atomik Research

Atomik Research – the creative market research people – has a strong PR and marketing background which enables us to formulate specialist PR surveys that provide vital news links for strong editorial features.

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We are always on the lookout for new members to add to our diverse and growing panel. There are ample opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge research. Rather than sit back and watch the news, you can be part of it by contributing to tailored projects on issues relating to your age, gender and demographic.

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