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Atomik Healthcare is a fascinating panel which has particular appeal to health and beauty firms, as well as a wide range of  businesses with an interest in certain health aspects. Our health panels are particularly interesting from a research perspective because we have the ability to break down and segregate research, leading to more in-depth and detailed results which improve analysis.

Why Atomik Health?

  • Numerous companies, regardless of industry, have an interest in the health of the nation. Using market research is a great way of tapping into the numerous demographics.
  • The Atomik Health panel can be broken down into age, gender, region and other categories to reveal more compelling insights and detailed analysis.
  • The media is always on the lookout for health-related news. Indeed, research in relation to health is one of the easiest topics to sell-in and is widely regarded as one of the most consumed media outputs.

Media Reach:


Health features in the national media on a daily basis. Research in relation to health generally has a quick pick-up, particularly research that is relevant to certain demographics, which is why segmented market research has a crucial role to play in getting studies noticed in the media.


Health research is always a popular component of the broadcast news agenda. Regional radio is always receptive to research based on their locality, and national and commercial stations also pick up health-related news and place it towards the upper end of the news agenda.


There are several online sites which specialise in health news and research, but many more generic websites willing to pick up insightful research. This gives health-related research a tremendously wide appeal online, boosting viewer numbers substantially and appealing to specialised audiences.


Health is a regular feature on TV bulletins and builds a large share of editorial packages on lifestyle and topical magazine-style programmes. Brands that commission research therefore have a great reach in terms of TV audience with several channels at their disposal.

Atomik Research

Atomik Research – the creative market research people – has a strong PR and marketing background which enables us to formulate specialist PR surveys that provide vital news links for strong editorial features.

Become a panel member

We are always on the lookout for new members to add to our diverse and growing panel. There are ample opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge research. Rather than sit back and watch the news, you can be part of it by contributing to tailored projects on issues relating to your age, gender and demographic.

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