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Atomik Research has many bows in its quiver, but finding the right creative angles to sell into the media is one we pride ourselves on.

In conjunction with Stature PR and News Data Network we’ve built quite a formidable public relations team that gets research heard as well as positioning brands in the eyes of the media. Not only do we know what creative angles work when writing questions, we also know which media outlets (whether press, online or broadcast) to approach when selling them in.

For those unaccustomed to how research can build a strong media angle we also provide ‘Headline Sell In’ sheets before signing a campaign off. The sheets take the research guidelines presented to us by the client and shape them into possible media outcomes, to give an impression of how the research might be used in the news.

We also have broadcast experts on hand for brands looking to use several media channels or focus on broadcast solely.

Press and Online

For press sell-ins we work in conjunction with Stature PR, a communications agency renowned for strategic, intelligent and original campaigns. One of our own campaigns for Power of Opinions recently secured coverage in a number of press titles. Not only could we stretch our legs in terms of building a unique creative angle, but we were also able to get the multimedia team on board to build infographics and other such resources.


Power of Opinions


Coverage in the press thanks to Atomik Research

If you’re interested in using research to get press coverage, the card below gives more detail on how we can help you achieve this.

Stature PR

Broadcast and Online

For broadcast campaigns we utilise News Data Network, which has developed a reputation as a trusted source of lifestyle news content amongst television, radio and online media outlets. The team at News Data Network is made up of journalists, PR executives and individuals who have worked in radio and TV for years. They have developed a repertoire of broadcast contacts and understand which stories are suited to which presenter or station, ensuring your research has the best chance of reaching the widest audiences.

One of the most appealing aspects of using research for broadcast media is the regional angles we are able to uncover. Our studies can be broken down to reveal great local angles which can then be sold in to a range of media titles, from local BBC stations to commercial regionals.

Here’s a sampling of projects that have secured excellent broadcast coverage


Broadcast Sell In

If you would like any more information about our press or broadcast sell ins, don’t hesitate to get in touch: 

11 Masons Arms Mews, London, W1S 1NX


(t) 0207 099 1010
(f) 0207 099 1011

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