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Atomik Teens are one of the most opinionated research panels we have the pleasure of working with. This is a demographic that is open to answering questions on almost anything, from their favourite flicks to their new digital lives. Results from teenage-related studies often get picked up by the media because they are wonderfully insightful and tremendously interesting.

Why Teens?

  • Teens produce some of the most newsworthy study results and are a hugely beneficial demographic to quiz from a PR perspective.
  • Teens are always raring to give their opinion and seldom sit on the fence.
  • Teens are open to answering a wide range of questions, regardless of the topic, brand or product.

Media Reach:


National media outlets find news on teenagers to be a great scoop. Not only is it a largely misunderstood demographic, results from teenage studies are often hugely entertaining. They are without doubt one of the most headline-making research groups.


Radio news is quick and fast, which lends to attention-grabbing results. Businesses that commission studies will have the opportunity to add editorial afterthought as experts in the field, which extends the PR reach of the research.


Teenagers are by far the most digitally savvy generation and there are numerous media titles looking to draw in their attention online. News relating to teenagers is likely to be dispersed across several channels, giving the research a broad PR scope.


Research on teenagers has a natural TV appeal. Many programmes target the teenage demographic and news items which include research on teenagers are always well received by TV media.

Atomik Research 

Atomik Research – the creative market research people – has a strong PR and marketing background which enables us to formulate specialist PR surveys that provide vital news links for strong editorial features.

Become a panel member

Are you a teenager who would be interested in contributing to bespoke research projects?

We are always on the lookout for new members to add to our diverse and growing panel. There are ample opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge research. Rather than sit back and watch the news, you can be part of it by contributing to tailored projects on issues relating to your age, gender and demographic.

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