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In conjunction with our sister company 4mediarelations, we are offering a broadcast sell-in to provide your research with a platform to get heard. We know the best creative angles so that when it comes to the sell in, the team at NDN are able to call on their contacts to secure coverage.

Our Media Team

News Data Network is a trusted source of lifestyle news content. Broadcast presenters, producers, journalists and editors rely on NDN to provide entertaining content which has a specific appeal to their audiences. With years of combined experience, News Data Network knows how to inform and engage audiences with topical news stories, celebrity guests and industry experts who can bring a schedule to life.

Our team at News Data Network is made up of journalists, PR executives and individuals who have worked in radio and TV for years. They have developed a repertoire of broadcast contacts and understand which stories are suited to which presenter or station, ensuring your research has the best chance of reaching the widest audiences.

Broadcast Sell In 

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