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Imagine being able to sit 500 influential business leaders in one room. Aside from the circulating scent of Old Spice, strong perfume and even stronger coffee, the level of insight would be unparalleled.

Business Omnibus studies are growing in popularity because of the wealth of organic and constructive information business managers have at their disposal. Whether assessing the state of the economy, business confidence, company habits or current corporate trends, picking the brains of those in influential positions can open up a vast resource of insight that can be put to use in a number of ways.

Here’s why our Business Omnibus Studies are increasingly in vogue.

Why business?

Even as we recover from an economic downturn, the state of the economy is one of the most read about news items. One could also argue that the business environment we find ourselves in today is incomparable to that of 2007 because of the lessons learnt during the crisis, and numerous factors are now in play that make the economy an unpredictable beast.

Technology, amongst other things, is one of the primary catalysts for this erratic outlook. The way both businesses and consumers interact with new technology is opening up new avenues and closing old ones, and it is vitally important that firms keep ahead of the curve in assessing which routes to explore.

Business owners give the most insight on the state of the economy and contemporary business procedures. As the B2B and B2C market welcomes new products and services continuously, understanding current trends is key to developing a comprehensive view of the market. What’s more, business owners frequently grab media attention and there are several specialist publications online, in print and in the broadcast industry which are always on the lookout for news.

Atomik Business Omnibus

At Atomik Research we have a diverse panel of business managers and owners who provide unmatched levels of insight into the state of the economy and current business trends. Whether you’re looking to decipher business confidence, the economic outlook or the changing trends in the workforce, Atomik Business Owners can help.

Contact us today to discuss options for a Business Omnibus Study.

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