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Cash In Your Gadgets

Background:, an online outlet which enables consumers to trade in their old gadgets for cash, commissioned a survey with Atomik Research to investigate whether the UK population is a nation of hoarders.

Key findings:

  • Britain is a nation of hoarders who could be making millions of pounds on unwanted gadgets which are gathering dust.
  • Nearly a quarter of Brits have an unused laptop or notebook in their home. Over a fifth (22%) has at least two old or broken mobile phones in their home and nearly one in ten (8%) have four or more.
  • Findings highlight what a gadget savvy nation we have become with nearly 20% of people upgrading their gadgets as soon as new models come out. One in ten people feel pressured by society to keep up-to-date with the latest gadgets.
  • The most popular gadgets being exchanged for cash include the Blackberry 8520 and the iPhone 4.

PR Coverage:

The highly successful market research project gained coverage across a vast range of high-profile, national press titles and TV outlets.

Cash in your Gadgets Case Study

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