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What We Offer

Custom Research surveys are bespoke research projects developed to offer insight around a specific subject. Our diverse range of panels and dedicated account management team ensure we can produce research which is as detailed as possible. You decide on the topic, we’ll ensure it is posted to the right audience.

Below is a list of the range of panels we have on offer.

Our Panels

Atomik Finance

We have a wide-range of demographics which are happy to answer questions on finance, revealing a tremendous amount of insight and grabbing the headlines.

Atomik Health

Our health panels are particularly interesting from a research perspective because we have the ability to break down and segregate research, leading to more in-depth and detailed results which improve analysis.

Atomik Mobile phone owners

Whatever the demographic or reason for use, it goes without saying that mobile phone owners are a fascinating demographic to survey, and certainly hold a wealth of insight into technologies of the future.

Atomik Travel

Media outlets, regardless of their audience or output, always have an interest in the latest travel news, particularly as most news is consumed on-the-go.

Atomik Business Owners

hether you’re looking to decipher business confidence, the economic outlook or the changing trends in the workforce, we have a diverse panel of business people spread across the UK and internationally that can help.

Atomik Children

 This is a demographic that is often considered to be quite incomprehensible from a business perspective, which makes the insight we produce all the more valuable.

Atomik Car Owners

It is estimated that car ownership could reach 44 million by 2020 in Britain, and it will become increasingly important for manufacturers and service providers to keep up with modern trends in regards to preferences and expectations.

Atomik Home Owners

 This represents a huge demographic, particularly from a consumption perspective, with home owners a target audience for a multitude of brands, from DIY products to insurance firms.

Atomik Mums

. As one of the most powerful consumer groups and magnets for media outlets, mums make the perfect choice from both an analysis and PR perspective.

Atomik Over 50′s

It is estimated the over 50’s hold around 80% of the country’s wealth, making business insight in relation to this research group particularly powerful.

Atomik Pet Owners

t is estimated that 13 million (45%) of households have pets in the UK, which makes Atomik Pet Owners one of the most insightful and intriguing research groups we have.

Atomik Teens

This is a demographic that is open to answering questions on almost anything, from their favourite flicks to their new digital lives.

Why Atomik Research?

  • Strong PR and marketing background which ensures your results hit the headlines.
  • A panel of more than 50,000 UK members as well as European and international panels.
  • Credible and accurate research using accredited Market Research Society (MRS) Researchers.