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Background, one of the UK’s biggest online cosmetics retailers, approached Atomik with the aim of devising a research campaign which would get to the heart of who and what influences the beauty habits of women in 2015. They wanted to see if generational differences had emerged over the last decade, and whether online outlets and social media were more influential than ever.


Atomik devised a survey which investigated who our everyday beauty influences are, and whether the main sources of inspiration were closer to home than we may initially think.

We quizzed over 1,000 women on a range of subjects, focussing on how much friendships groups, or particularly beauty-conscious friends mould how women present themselves, the products they buy and how and when their styles change.

The survey results revealed that, the single greatest influence on British women’s beauty/make-up regime is their best friend, and that over a third have also noticed one of their friends copying their style.

The figures also revealed that beauty products remains a source of great confidence for the women of the UK, with around 30% of those surveyed saying that wearing make-up made them feel prettier, attractive and confident.

Research Results

  • 27% of British women admire a friend’s style the most, ahead of a celebrity (24%) and their mum (9%).
  • 42% of 35-44 year-old women have a ‘go-to’ friend for beauty advice, compared to just 9% of those aged 55+.
  • Almost three in ten women (29%) feel more self-conscious buying cosmetics in-store than online.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge was the celebrity whose style women admire most (24%), while Kim Kardashian was least admired (3%).

Case Study