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Give as you Live commissioned a study looking at the spending habits of Brits on Valentine’s Day. The charity, which has raised more than £4 million by linking ecommerce to charitable causes, looked to dissect how much we spend on the most romantic day of the year, as well as finding out a little about what we spend our money on and which regions are the most romantic.

Key results:

  • The survey found that almost a third of people who are in a relationship spend absolutely nothing on Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • Another quarter (25%) spend £20 or less and only 2% spend more than £100 on their partner, although 16 romantics admitted to spending more than £500.
  • It seems Valentine’s Day is a last minute occasion for most people, with the majority of gifts being picked up a few days before and only 1.5% of respondents preparing for the day a month in advance.
  • Of the people that did buy gifts, cards (19%), chocolates (16%) and flowers (14%) were the most popular items, although there was a variety of miscellaneous gifts which shows that people may be getting creative with their Valentine’s Day presents.

PR Coverage:

The Give as you Live survey secured fantastic coverage, hitting the headlines in national and regional press outlets.

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