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How to Use Instant Polls

Instant Polls Atomik Research

Need research results returned fast? We’ve engineered a new way to get results returned to you in an instant. Well, perhaps not an instant, but pretty ruddy fast!

Did you know 78.8% of people didn’t attend a bonfire or firework display on 5th November, or that 46.7% have already started their Christmas shopping even though the big day is over a month away! These are the sorts of answers that are available with our Instant Polls. Here’s a few ways you can use them.

–          Keep it Relevant

Statistics are a slave to time. Using figures from 2012 on current news items or campaigns is a futile task and only serves to undermine the integrity of the story. With instant polls you can get relevant statistics that support the messages being portrayed rather than hindering them.

–          Keep it Topical

Topical news items are the bread and butter of the social media age. In a world where news breaks in an instant and popular opinion ebbs and flows like a rollercoaster, having the ability to deliver topical information is essential.

After Cheryl Versini Fernandez performed live on the X-Factor Twitter was awash with accusations that she may have been lip-syncing. We asked our panel the following day and found that 84.9% of them felt that she was.

–          Gain Insight

Whether you’re launching a new product or just looking for a flavour of consumer sentiment, install polls are a great way of getting a feel for how the market is acting right now.

–          Support Your Pitch

In the boardroom or pitching to clients, having research on hand to support your pitch can work a treat. You may have a good idea and the panache to deliver it, but evidence helps to get people believing in what you have to say.

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