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Intrinsic allows businesses the ability to tell better stories by uncovering people’s essential truths through qualitative research methods. Intrinsic believes a more robust and innovative journalistic approach will provide brands with ideas that inspire. Click HERE to find out more.


Omnibus surveys are for those who would like a peak into the future. Predicting trends and consumer patterns through a series of like-for-like surveys. By sampling large numbers of people, key demographics and regions through an array of panels, you can generate the exact insight you’re after. Click HERE to find out more.

Tracker Studies

For something a bit longer-term, Atomik Research offers the ability to build a deeper consumer insight over time. These kinds of surveys and studies anticipate changes in demand or behaviour and spot trends as they emerge, backed-up by vast, quality supporting data. Click HERE to find out more.

In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are one of the best manners of generating a more direct and personal approach to creating understanding. Utilising telephone or face-to-face interviews, a fantastic resource for media relations, can develop appropriate insight with a combination of visual prompts and a better grasp of your audience, you can ensure a better product, service or campaign. Click HERE to find out more.

Full Service Survey

With dedicated account and project teams to construct your surveys, our full service will grant you access to over 50,000 UK consumers and break-down their data by a number of tailored strata. We will provide test links before publishing your survey and ‘top line’ documentation immediately after its completion, backed up by visual representation and graphical reports. Click HERE to find out more.

White Papers

Looking to make your company the thought leader in your field? A white paper is a sure fire option to give your brand credibility. Atomik Research offers the full creative production process from start to finish to make sure your white paper highlights exactly what you need and have it done within a time frame that suits you. Click HERE to find out more.

International Market Research

With the infinite rise of connectivity, the world is becoming a smaller place providing easier ability to reach across the horizon to foreign lands and develop understanding and vision into your potential in other markets. Click HERE to find out more.

Consumer Insight

Looking into consumer insight and habits is increasingly crucial to any campaign as various markets continually fluctuate and become more diverse. By including a specific blend of qualitative and quantitative study, we’ll form the specific insight to match your needs. Click HERE to find out more.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great way of garnering an opinion on a specific subject from representatives of all kinds of demographics. It offers a better, more personalised approach and offers the ability to greater emphasis on key research objectives. Click HERE to find out more.


Our panels represent the kinds of people that your brand or business want to speak to. Picked specifically to stride the broad spectrum of people that make business happen, our panels can get your voice heard. Click HERE for more info.