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Instant Polls

What We Offer

When time is of the essence, our instant polls can deliver quick results which can be sold into the media or used to generate key consumer insight. We understand that there are no prizes for coming second, and so offer 24 and 48 hour surveys which are conducted online, inviting users to respond to a single question. In an age of ever-changing consumer habits and rapid market variations, getting a quick response to a single question is increasingly important. What’s more, instant polls can hit the headlines by being consistent with breaking news stories.

Why Instant Polls? 

  • Quick response to pressing questions, with results delivered in 24 hours or 48 hours, depending on the number of questions.
  • Immediate nature of the research ensures currentness.
  • Appeals to media as research is usually topical and can be broke down into regions and demographics if needed.

Why Atomik Research?

  •  Strong PR and marketing background which ensures your results hit the headlines.
  • A panel of more than 50,000 UK members as well as European and international panels.
  •  Credible and accurate research using accredited Market Research Society (MRS) Researchers.