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Specialist Panels

Our International and European panels are becoming an increasingly popular group as brands look to increase the scope of their research projects. Business today is far more global in its nature and insight into new markets has grown in importance as a consequence. We have diverse panel members in multiple countries eager to answer your questions.

Why Look Overseas?

  • International and European panels offer unique insight into unfamiliar markets, helping to develop product or service offerings and extend the brand’s media reach.
  • International and European panels open up new media outlets which can help establish the brand name in overseas markets.
  • Results from studies with international scope often yield the most headline-worthy content, turning them into a media magnets.

Media Reach:

National and International

Study results with global scope are of interest to both national and international publications, which increases the media reach substantially. International news frequently makes the headlines in an increasingly global world, and research-driven news is often in the driving seat.


International surveys have an immediate appeal to broadcast stations as the diverse geographical range acts as validation of the news. Station managers generally see more newsworthy content coming from studies which are global in their scope.


Online publications have no borders and are constantly on the lookout for content with a wide international reach. Our panels are happy to answer questions on a wide range of issues and frequently produce some of the most headline-worthy news.


International research has a tremendous reach across television media. Whether it be as a news item or part of current affair shows, TV channels are always on the lookout for engaging research on international and European panels.

Atomik Research

Atomik Research – the creative market research people – has a strong PR and marketing background which enables us to formulate specialist PR surveys that provide vital news links for strong editorial features.

Become a panel member

Are you living outside of the UK and interested in contributing to bespoke research projects?

We are always on the lookout for new members to add to our diverse and growing panel. There are ample opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge research. Rather than sit back and watch the news, you can be part of it by contributing to tailored projects on issues relating to your age, gender and demographic.

Join one of the most engaged panels in the UK here.