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International market research is a great way of uncovering trends, consumer habits and quirks in overseas territories. We’ve developed a new and innovative approach to international market research to ensure we deliver results which give your brand the best chance of succeeding in an increasingly globalised economy.

Bringing international market research into the 21st Century 

As brands become more  international in scope the role of market research to guide decision-making is becoming increasingly important. At Atomik Research, we’ve expanded our global contacts so that our international studies are more closely aligned with key growth areas. Along with our European and US studies, we’ve  also expanded into  diverse research environments to help businesses understand the cultural underpinnings of behaviour. This can help test the water before embarking on international growth by outlining regional differences that could be a make or break factor for your business.

Our international panel is made up with respondents from across the world. All our panellists are well profiled with a high response rate which ensures your questions reach the intended audience. Whether you’re looking to profile new customers, test new products and services or explore new markets, our international studies offer unrivalled access to countries and regions across the world.  Take a look at our international panel here and for more information, get in touch.

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