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Atomik Research conducted a European survey for McAfee, the internet security and virus protection specialists, to determine the extent of parents’ knowledge of their teenagers’ online behaviour. The 50 question survey was conducted across six European countries including Britain, Germany and France.

Key Findings:

  • Italy has the highest number of teens viewing inappropriate content online.
  • In Spain, 70% of parents trust their children not to access inappropriate content when in fact 53% have done so and 59% have viewed a website their parents wouldn’t approve of.
  • Only 34.5% of Spanish parents have controls set up on their children’s devices.
  • In the UK, 54% of teens view online pornography a few times a month, with a third of teens viewing a website their parents wouldn’t approve of.
  • Surprisingly, UK parents are very trusting when it comes to online activity. Less than a third of parents set up parental controls on home computers to monitor their teens’ online behavior.
  • Holland is the only European country where teens and parents are both very aware of the dangers of the online world, with 79% of teens aware of the risks. A third of Dutch parents believe their children have viewed pornography online whereas a surprisingly low 24% of teens intentionally have.
  • Germany and France appear to have the most trusting parents. In France, three-quarters of parents believe their children do not access age-inappropriate content online, with just 34% of teens visiting a website their parents would not approve of.
  • Similarly in Germany, 54% of parents trust their children not to look at age-inappropriate content with teens more likely to look up answers to a test online than any other taboo topic.

PR Coverage:

The campaign got coverage in a daily national along with two highly regarded tech websites. The Telegraph, ProZone Security and PC Advisor all featured the story thanks to its newsworthiness.

McAfee Case Study

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