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Is Gender Stereotyping in Advertising as Big a Deal as We Think It Is?

You’ve probably read about the Google employee that was fired for internally circulating a memo with some choice words regarding a supposed male predisposition to working within certain enclaves of the tech industry. Yet, it’s nowhere near the first incident of gender stereotyping creating a firestorm of articles, tweets and opinion pieces this year.

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The In Crowd…

I was absolutely bamboozled by the prospect that, somewhere out there, someone had invented another piece of kitchen genius akin to the banana-slicer or the apple-corer.

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The In Crowd

Lost in Translation: Media Data Representation

This past Monday, just nine days removed from the Paris attacks that claimed over 130 lives and with a lot of the western world still on high security alerts, The Sun took the decision to run with the headline ‘1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis’.

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