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What We Offer

An omnibus research study is a data collection approach undertaken at regular intervals.  This is usually a series of like-for-like surveys which can showcase how trends to develop and thus help predict future trends. These studies have become particularly popular since the advent of the internet, which has enabled vast amounts of people to be surveyed in a short period of time.

We have more than 50,000 UK panel members and European and International panels which are reachable through our online omnibus studies, offering tremendous amounts of insight and headline-hitting results. Below is a little information on our popular omnibus studies.

The Atomik Research Omnibus Study 

Omnibus studies offer:

  • Stratified sampling of large numbers of people.
  • Opinions of key demographics and regions.
  • Research-backed results for the media.
  • New product development insight and new market insight.

Our Specialist Panels

Omnibus studies can be directed at our specialist panels for targeted research results. We have panel members across the UK and Europe for a quick response from large numbers of people, but for a more specialist approach, select from one of the below panels.


Omnibus studies directed at our personal and corporate finance panels offer a wealth of insight from a range of demographics.


Research based on large numbers from key demographics is perfect for health studies, which is why our heath omnibus is so popular!


We are a nation reliant on mobile phones, making omnibus studies on this demographic particularly revealing.


Decipher business mood and the latest trends within the corporate world with our omnibus studies.


 This is an often misunderstood demographic and stratified sampling can reveal fascinating insights.


Need to know what trends are driving purchasing habits in the automotive world, or the latest driving habits? Omnibus studies are perfect for canvassing large numbers of people.


Parents are one of the most active participants of online omnibus surveys. Find out what makes them such a fascinating demographic.

Pet Owners

Trends and demographical quirks among our nation’s pet owners are often best deciphered using omnibus studies which offer a wide reach and vast scope.


For a demographic which spends a lot of time browsing the web, online market research present a fantastic opportunity to decipher a little more about this key age group.

Why Atomik Research?

  • Strong PR and marketing background which ensures your results hit the headlines.
  • A panel of more than 50,000 UK members as well as European and international panels.
  • Credible and accurate research using accredited Market Research Society (MRS) Researchers.