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‘Peeple’ Power

Peeple Power

Crowd-sourcing is a very heavily utilised marketing tool in the modern era of instant worldwide communication.

Kickstarter, TripAdvisor,, even leviathans of the interweb Amazon and eBay all let users rate and review their services and, to some extent, their interactions with other users of the site. The point always remaining as a non-personal, critique of the services rendered. At least that was the point…

Recently, you may have seen, perhaps even taken part in, the online furore that surrounded the announcement of upcoming social media app ‘Peeple’. Tagged as ‘Yelp for people’, the general idea behind it being you rate the people you know out of five, much like you would a restaurant, hotel or various other products you’ve bought.

Yes, not a service you’ve acquired from that person, the actual person themselves, their appearance, their mannerism, their anything, really. Terrifying…? Even worse, it was the subject of much ridicule before it was even a real idea.

The apps creators quickly became victims of their own game, seemingly unable to handle the premise that anonymous critical responses – literally exactly the thing their app was offering – aren’t very nice to be on the end of. Anyone using the app could rate anyone they knew, as long as they had their phone number, they could even set up an account for that person without their permission – something the overwhelming backlash made them re-think.

Suddenly, we see the pitfalls of en-masse crowd-sourcing for the sake of it, being specifically that when left unattended, the internet becomes a nasty and horrible place to reside.

We start to see the need for segmentation and divisive communication techniques when canvassing for a particular opinion, especially digitally. For instance, if you’re looking to discover the travel habits and spending patterns of those who are looking to use the next twelve months travelling the globe, there are sections of the population you would rule out of your questioning.
Left uncontrolled, you might find the most popular destination is Marbella and people mostly spend their money in restaurants and souvenir shops. Segmented to include only 18-24 year olds, even so far down as those that are in, or have recently left University, you may then discover the chosen destination to be Thailand, where people will mostly spend their money experiential activities and…err…booze.

This is one of the key techniques to garnering a true insight. And that’s the thing, if you know what you want to find out, who you want to find it out from and why you want to find it out. You’re sorted – especially with Atomik Research.

Atomik Research works closely with the panels they survey, with over 13 different segmented versions that will make sure to quiz the right demographic and achieve the best possible insight available.

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By Stuart Buchanan

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