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Research meets Radio

Research and Radio

This Valentine’s Day Atomik Research has teamed-up with 4mediarelations to bring you the perfect couple; research and radio. We are offering 50% off Radio Days with any omnibus project booked, but why do the duo make such a good match?

Hit the headlines

Omnibus studies can return some fantastic headline-hitting figures that will create a media frenzy. Atomik Research boast a fantastically opinionated panel of people hailing from diverse backgrounds. This wide scope of people ensures that you can secure the desired feature based on targeted panel members.

Validate Campaigns 

Research validates PR campaigns. Radio stations, TV channels and online platforms are more willing to air stories that are backed by research than those that are not, and consider research-based features more ‘newsworthy’ than standard stories.

Support Radio Days 

Finally, research offers great support for Radio Days. For interviewers and interviewees alike, having research to back up their comments offers a much more streamlined approach to days in the studio. Research also assures the audience that the subject matter is valid, giving the campaign more of an impact.

Book today for 50% off Radio Days 

Omnibus studies offer sampling of large numbers of people across numerous demographics. There is a quick return on results, with studies of 2,000 people returned in 24 hours. For radio days, our Omnibus Study Can be an ideal way to grab the attention of broadcasters and their audiences, so book a study with us today to get 50% off the price of a radio day in the lovely 4mediarelations studios.

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