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Research is a tried, tested and respected tool for getting your brand heard. Whether it be a press or broadcast sell-in, placing strategic or responsive campaigns that are backed up by research have a far superior chance of getting picked up by the media, which is why we’ve brought both PR components in-house.

Some things, we believe, are just more effective together. Consider eating in a restaurant with just one chopstick or tucking in to a main course with a knife but not a fork, the results will probably be somewhat messy. Sometimes it’s better to resign yourself to the fact that it’s time to pair up.

Broadcast and research is one such combination. We’ve found that by combing broadcast PR campaigns with research it increases the reach by 25 – 30%. Using the TRILE acronym you can see why that is, but as much as research can lend a hand to broadcast it is very much a reciprocal relationship. Here’s how broadcast can help get your research heard.

–          Radio

Radio can help your research reach the regions. BBC Radio has 41 regional radio stations and that’s not including BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Wales and the like. Above that there’s the 188 regional commercial stations and countless number of nationals that can help broadcast your brand regional by using your research.

Atomik Research surveys can be broken down by 12 regions in Britain and by country internationally. UK Splits: East Midland, East/East Anglia, London, North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South East, South West, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber.

–          TV

Research is a fantastic tool for both responsive and strategic television PR campaigns. For those looking for a strategic approach we can conduct headline-hitting research as well as reach out to participants about appearing in front of the camera. Responsive campaigns can benefit from instant research results returned in 24-hours that gauge public perception or reaction to an event.

Our Full Service survey can provide everything you need for a strategic television PR campaign and we can recruit people for media work. If you’re looking to get results in 24 hours our Quick PR survey can deliver instant results that effectively gauge public opinion.

–          Online

The internet is a hub of research-related activity, and for good reason. Research lends itself to all kinds of digital content creations from online videos to white papers and infographics. Video has been found to be 53 times more likely to rank within the top of search engine results and has 41 times higher click through rate than text. White papers are an excellent way of positioning your brand as a thought leader and infographics appeal to a digital generation that are time poor and click friendly.

We provide the full package of online tools, from white papers to infographics and online videos. Get in touch today to see how our research can boost your online presence. 

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