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New visual methods of marketing

There is a growing focus on making research results work harder as a means of supporting a brand’s key messages.

This is hardly surprising considering research can reap fantastic rewards by validating services and revealing fantastic insights, and once you have results at hand you want to shout about them. Media channels are a great outlet for results, but in a web-savvy and visually-engaged era, consumers are looking to be engaged in new ways.

New tools such as white papers and infographics have become increasingly popular as a means of broadcasting research. Not only do they position a brand as a market leader, engage audiences and offer new mediums in which to digest content, but they have proved to be search engine and social media gold.

Research by The Content Marketing Association reveals 51% of organisations now use white papers as part of their B2B marketing efforts. A study by NewsReach found both infographics and white papers will become increasingly popular as businesses invest heavily in content marketing. They ranked third and fourth respectively as favoured means of content marketing, behind video content in second and industry news/ blogs in top spot.

–          Infographics

There’s some quite wonderful statistics supporting the use of infographics as a means of dispersing research results. Google Trends studies show the use of visualised content has increased 400% in literature since 1990 and 9,900% on the internet since 2007, and for good reason. Half of the brain is involved in visual processing and 70% of all a person’s sensory receptors are in the eyes. In an age of information overload, visual techniques such as infographics offer the fastest and easiest route to understanding by viewers.

visually engaging infographics

–          White Paper

White papers are equally popular, but arguably represent the polar opposite to infographics in terms of approach. Using research as a foundation, the purpose of a white paper is to position the brand as a market leader and convey results in a controlled manner, calling on other resources and tying in key brand messages along the way. In an age where content is king, a branded white paper can serve several purposes on the web.

This is our white paper on Broadcast Trends.

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