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Tracker Studies Atomik Research

Just like anyone who left early to beat the traffic at the 1999 Champions’ League final, or who couldn’t be bothered to stay to the end of Titanic and just assumed Jack made it through just fine, we know that sometimes it takes more than a snapshot to get the full picture.

“Everyone’s eating our cereal today, ever since we ran that campaign, but wait, it’s a month down the line and we’ve got a warehouse full of cereal and a list of orders shorter than a mouse’s hand. How did this happen?”

Habits change and people change, so it pays to keep on top of what’s going on.

That’s why we at Atomik offer tracker studies as well as instant research, giving our clients the opportunity to see how trends, behaviours and habits adapt and evolve over time, allowing them to react to even the slightest shift in consumer behaviour.

Our tracker schemes are long-running surveys which monitor brand and product perception, so you can be the first to know when your consumers are re-thinking things before it hits your profit line.

These longitudinal studies are increasingly being considered as a way of gauging market progression, anticipating change in consumer demand or behaviour and spotting key trends as they emerge.

By conducting research over a period of time, businesses can uncover a rich pool of data to inform the decision-making process and build deep consumer insights. Not only can longitudinal studies track certain consumer behaviours, but companies can also ask questions about the brand and how it is perceived by consumers.

So if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, visit our Tracker Studies page or get in touch with us by calling 020 7099 1010.

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