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‘Peeple’ Power

Crowd-sourcing is a very heavily utilised marketing tool in the modern era of instant worldwide communication.

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Qualitative Insight

Using qualitative research and journalistic storytelling, Intrinsic Insight get businesses closer to the heart of the brand-consumer relationship than ever before.

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Broadcast Sell In

  In conjunction with our sister company 4mediarelations, we are offering a broadcast sell-in to provide your research with a platform to…

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Gamification and the Importance of Correct Engagement

You’ve heard of Pavlov’s Dog, right?

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How to Use Instant Polls

Need research results returned fast? We’ve engineered a new way to get results returned to you in an instant. Well,…

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Reach a huge audience with our PR surveys

Getting your brand featured online, in press and across broadcast channels in five simple steps sounds a little too good…

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Shout about your research

Research is a tried, tested and respected tool for getting your brand heard. Whether it be a press or broadcast…

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International Atomik Research Centre

Five things to consider when preparing for an overseas venture Floating in low Earth orbit, between 200 and 270 miles…

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Pushing the Boundaries

Developing global networks for business is most definitely not a new concept. Despite the fact most fledgling businesses don’t have…

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Atomik Research in the News

Atomik Research has many bows in its quiver, but finding the right creative angles to sell into the media is…

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