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Broadcast Sell In

  In conjunction with our sister company 4mediarelations, we are offering a broadcast sell-in to provide your research with a platform to…

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Stay Ahead of the Game with Tracker Studies

Just like anyone who left early to beat the traffic at the 1999 Champions’ League final, or who couldn’t be…

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Atomik Finance has become a more relevant research panel in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Personal and corporate finance…

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In 2000, just half of UK adults said that they had a mobile phone – that figure now stands at…

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Omnibus Surveys

An omnibus research study is a data collection approach undertaken at regular intervals.  This is usually a series of like-for-like…

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Atomik Children are aged between six and 12 years old and are always eager to share thoughts and opinions about…

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Atomik Car Owners is a growing demographic with a specialist appeal on the media wires. It is estimated that car…

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Parents are an enthusiastic research group who are always keen to share their opinion. From all ages and backgrounds, our panel…

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Atomik Over 50s

Atomik Over 50s are one of our most vocal panels and among the country’s most powerful consumer demographics. It is…

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Pet Owners

Pet Owners deliver some of the most media-friendly study results. Daily newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes regularly feature pet-related…

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