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Gamification and the Importance of Correct Engagement

You’ve heard of Pavlov’s Dog, right?

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Stay Ahead of the Game with Tracker Studies

Just like anyone who left early to beat the traffic at the 1999 Champions’ League final, or who couldn’t be…

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How to Use Instant Polls

Need research results returned fast? We’ve engineered a new way to get results returned to you in an instant. Well,…

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Showcasing research

There is a growing focus on making research results work harder as a means of supporting a brand’s key messages….

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Atomik Travel

Atomik Travel is a dynamic research panel offering tremendous amounts of insight on a wide-range of subjects. The world is…

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Instant Polls

When time is of the essence, our instant polls can deliver quick results which can be sold into the media…

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Custom research

Custom Research surveys are bespoke research projects developed to offer insight around a specific subject. Our diverse range of panels…

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Brand Tracking

Our Tracker Studies are a long-term research project used to build deep consumer insight over time. This product can also…

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Consumer Insight

A set of tools aimed at discovering consumer opinions around a specific subject. Research into consumer habits is increasingly important…

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NPD (New Product Development)

Creative approach to understand the development of new products/services when launching into the market. NPD is an essential component of…

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