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Atomik Research completed market research for Uniball, a well known pen company, to help support the promotion of their Magik Girl pen range. Consumers were surveyed about the emotive feelings attached to handwritten notes compared to communicating through modern technologies.

Key results:

  • Despite the proliferation of new technologies, the report found that Brits still value the nostalgic sentiment of a handwritten note.
  • Six in ten Brits say receiving a handwritten note makes them feel special; half say it makes them feel cherished and more than two-thirds state it makes them feel as though the sender has made a personal effort for them.
  • When writing a personal note, more than 70% of Brits always write in their best handwriting and over two-fifths use a nice pen to give it an extra special touch.
  • Despite the sentiment attached to sending a hand written note, nearly a third (31%) of people send a text and more than a fifth (22%) sent an email.

PR Coverage:

Due to the emotive nature of the research, outstanding media coverage for Magik Girl was gained across 23 BBC Radio stations including two nationals; BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Wales. In total, the research results were received by an audience of nearly six million radio listeners.

Uniball Case Study

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