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Vetsure Pet Insurance were looking to highlight how valuable pets had become to the average British household, illustrating the need to insure our furry friends against harm in an engaging, creative way.


After a comprehensive Atomik Research study which surveyed over 1,000 pet owners, some remarkable insights into the British love-affair with their pets emerged, and the ‘Paws off my Partner’ campaign was born.

It sought to highlight how the role of pets in UK households has changed, how integral they have become to the family dynamic and how the British public feel about them in comparison to their own partners. It endeavoured to find out how much pet owners truly value their animals and discover how many of them could reap the benefits of a Vetsure policy. A specially-designed infographic was produced to publicise the survey’s findings.

With the help of radio interviews with Vetsure founder Dr Ashley Gray, set-up by 4mediarelations and a comprehensive media sell-in campaign by News Data Network, the campaign reached an estimated 200 million people across all platforms, featuring 68 times across national and regional print, broadcast and online.


  • 59% of pet owners buy their animals presents on a monthly basis, while only 33% buy one for their partner that often.
  • Three quarters (75%) of pet owners claimed their pet was “equally or more important” to them compared to other family members.
  • October 2014 saw a 16% month-on-month increase in traffic to the Vetsure website, along with a direct revenue upsurge of around 8% from September.
  • Vetsure’s Quarter 4 sales figures saw a 12.7% increase on the same quarter in 2013.
  • ‘POMP’ was nominated for two Veterinary Marketing Awards.

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