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What We Offer

Atomik Research white papers offer in-depth coverage of research results, presented in pdf documents which can be uploaded and distributed electronically or in print. A white paper research document  provides in-depth coverage, allowing other studies to be tied in and the company’s objectives to be highlighted with comment and case study examples. The authoritative nature of a white paper positions the business as a thought leader in the industry.

Why Atomik Research White Papers? 

  • White papers give the brand credibility and position them as thought leaders.
  • The document can be distributed electronically and in print.
  • Allows new products to be introduced.
  • Offers a deeper understanding of a market and market trends.
  • You can go into a single topic in considerable depth.

What We Offer

At Atomik Research we offer the full creative treatment throughout the white paper process. From the initial drafting of the white paper to the design phase, we have in-house professionals at every stage working together to ensure you get a professional report that reveals the most relevant results for your business. Our research experts are also on hand to help highlight important statistics and all the relevant information  that will go into the report.

Below is a typical white paper process.

Discuss Research Project

–          Discuss the goals, target audience and PR/marketing/ Sales objectives

–          Highlight figures and statistics to focus on in report

–          Discuss company branding/ design preferences

–          Give a realistic schedule to complete the project

Drafting Phase

–          Draft the first version of the white paper – usually between 2,000 and 5,000 words

–          Send the first draft to client in Word format for review.

–          Make amends and go to design stage.

Design Phase

–          Create white paper using Adobe InDesign

–          Send first draft to client in pdf form

–          Make revisions and send final version for approval. 

Example White Paper

Take a look at our 2015 white paper for HolidayTravelWatch: