The Co-Op Pharmacy commissioned a PR survey with Atomik Research as part of a wider campaign, alongside 4media group, that aimed to promote Britain becoming the first country in the world to sell Viagra in pharmacies without a prescription. The campaign was launched in conjunction with Co-Op Pharmacy’s #Whatdoyoucallit social media campaign. This campaign highlights the fact that whatever word men choose to use to refer to their penis, there should not be any shame about it and they should feel good about it.

The PR survey looked at the experience of UK males with Erectile Dysfunction, how they feel talking about it and the effect on their lives.  In order to find out, Atomik surveyed 2,000 men across the UK to find out more about their experiences and their lifestyle.

Key findings from the research include:

  • 50% of British guys in their thirties admit they are struggling in the bedroom
  • 43% of men aged 18-60 across the UK are suffering impotence
  • 4 in 10 men blame stress, followed by tiredness (36%), anxiety (29%) and boozing too heavily (26%)
  • The largest affected age group of men with erectile dysfunction is men in their thirties
  • 31% have felt a strain on their relationship as a result of their problems
  • 31% have even broken up with a partner due to the issue
  • 25% have lost confidence when dating
  • 21% have suffered mental health problems as a result
  • 31% of men affected in their 30s have obtained Viagra from a doctor
  • 62% of men in their 30s would rather send their partner to the GP to get medication on their behalf
  • 19% of men affected in their 30s have bought Viagra from a source other than their GP or registered online service.
  • 33% of men aged 18-60 said they have not told anyone about their erectile dysfunction.
  • Only 28% have gone to their GP
  • 9% have discussed it with another man in the family
  •   43% of those affected by impotence say they could not discuss the issue with friends
  • 23% would even feel uncomfortable discussing it with a GP

The research formed the basis of broadcast and news generation campaigns which together secured 34 pieces of coverage. Highlights included interviews on sky news radio, TalkRadio and BBC Leicester, articles in the Daily Mirror, on the Sun Online, the Mirror Online, the MailOnline and more!

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