Our International Panel

Over 6 million respondents in more than 50 countries



Car Owners are a growing demographic. In fact it is estimated that car ownership will reach 44 million by 2020. There are many media outlets catering to this target audience and therefore insights into their behaviour or way of thinking can be invaluable. you add breadth and depth Atomik Research’s panel can help Whether it’s finding out about car ownership trends, driving behaviours or car owners’ thoughts on emerging


With the finance playing such a big role in so many people’s lives, the topic is rarely out of the media. Data from Atomik Research’s finance panel, can help boost financial stories gain traction, whether it’s in print, online or by broadcast. Media outlets are constantly on the lookout for news regarding personal and corporate finances, particularly research in relation to segregated demographics.


Atomik Research’s parent panel consists of mums and dads of all ages and backgrounds who can offer insights into the world of parenthood. As one of the most powerful consumer groups and magnets for media outlets, research from parents is a great way of giving any campaign an extra boost.


Atomik Research’s healthcare panel appeals not only to health and beauty firms but also to a wide range of businesses with an interest in the topic. The media is always on the lookout for health-related news. In fact health is widely regarded as one of the most consumed media outputs.


Business today is far more global in it’s nature than ever before and insight into new markets has grown in importance as a consequence. We have access to 6,000,000 people across 50+ countries so we have the ability to gather insights from across the globe. Whether brands want to add international scope to a campaign or gather insights to help them break into potential new markets, Atomik Research’s international panels allow them to do it.


It is estimated that 13 million households have pets in the UK alone. That’s 45%. It is therefore no surprise that Atomik Research’s panel of pet owners is one of the most significant. It Is therefore unsurprising that publishers and broadcasters feature pet research as a basis for much of their light-hearted consumer pieces. Insights from this group can therefore bolster any related media campaign helping brands secure fantastic coverage.


Whether you’re looking to decipher business confidence, the economic outlook or changing trends in the workforce, Atomik Research have a diverse panel of business people spread across the UK and internationally that can help. Perhaps more so than other panels, B2B research is great for generating coverage in specialist, industry publications helping business get targeted messages in front of targeted audience.


Teens are one of the most opinionated research panels Atomik Research hosts. Not only that but it is teenagers who are often at the heart of many societal and cultural changes. This means therefore that they present a real opportunity for brands looking to gauge the opinions of youth and provide comment on any such development.


Atomik Research’s panel of children are aged between 6 and 12 and are always keen to share how they feel and what they think….out of the babes and all! Our panel offers insight into a demographic rarely listened to and this insight can generate the most newsworthy hooks and most engaging content beneficial to any PR campaign.