Atomik Research were approached by Indiana University to conduct online research of 603 Indiana residents in the United States to assess attitudes toward substance abuse.

The research looked specifically at opioid abuse, including how many lives this issue effects. The research was commissioned in relation to the ongoing opioid crisis in the state of Indiana.

Key findings of the online research included:

  • 63% of Indiana residents surveyed know someone who struggles with a substance addition
  • 71% of Indiana residents surveyed are either very or somewhat sympathetic towards those who suffer from a substance addiction
    • Of those that expressed being sympathetic, Indiana residents are most sympathetic of addiction to alcohol (70%), followed by opioids (68%), tobacco (53%) and amphetamines (43%)
  • 50% said opioids are the substance most negatively impacting Indiana
  • 28% said amphetamines are most negatively impacting Indiana
  • 79% said ‘we aren’t doing enough as a nation to solve the opioid epidemic.’
  • The people of Indiana believe doctors and medical professionals (64%) are the group that bear the responsibility when it comes to solving the opioid crisis, followed by friends and family (48%), elected government officials (47%) and law enforcement (42%)
  • 25% of Indiana residents surveyed said they have a friend who has an addiction to opioids, and 19% said they have a family member, other than a child, who is addicted to opioids
  • 77% agreed with: First responders (firefighters, police and EMS workers) in the State of Indiana being equipped with naloxone to treat an opioid overdose
  • 54% agreed with: Syringe/needle exchange programs being available in the State of Indiana
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