Formula One is a sport filled with fast cars and high tensions. This weekend from 12-14 July 2019, those cars will be speeding around Silverstone Circuit for the British Grand Prix. In order to gauge how many Brit’s would be tuning in, our research looks at the nation’s thoughts on F1 and their plans for the weekend.

Despite a deep European history, F1 racing has made its way across the English Channel with over three-quarters (81%) of Brits reporting that they have some degree of familiarity with the sport. Being a sport dominated by men, it is no surprise men are more familiar with the sport, with that number rising to 88% for them, and dropping to 75% for women.

F1 Research: Favourite Team

But who do these Brits cheer for? The research reveals Britain’s favourite F1 team is Mercedes, with almost half (47%) of respondents choosing the top team in the current standings as their favourite. Looking closer at specific drivers, Britain’s favourite F1 driver, with an overwhelming almost three quarters of the votes (71%), is Lewis Hamilton, a Brit himself and one of the Mercedes drivers. Hamilton currently leads all drivers with 197 points and has won 79 Grand Prix and 5 championships including in 2017 and 2018.

Red Bull Racing, another top team in the standings, took home the #2 spot for favourite F1 teams, with 21% of those surveyed voting for them. The three British teams, McLaren, Williams and Racing Point were voted 3rd, 5th and 8th favourite, respectively. In terms of drivers, Sebastian Vettel is Britain’s 2nd favourite, with 11% of those surveyed choosing the German-born Ferrari driver. The remaining British drivers, Lando Norris and George Russell were voted 7th and 8th favourite, respectively.

F1 Research: Favourite Driver

Britain’s Lewis Hamilton is a likely contender for this weekend’s 1st place prize, but just how many Brits will be tuning in to watch the action? Almost a third (31%) of Brits are planning to watch the British Grand Prix this weekend. 6% will be traveling to Silverstone to watch the action live, while the other 25% will be following along on TV or streaming platforms. But the research reveals an additional 10% have yet to decide if the Grand Prix will make it into their weekend plans. More men will be watching the Grand Prix, with numbers rising to 38% for them and dropping to 24% for women. With the capital only a couple hours’ drive from Silverstone, Londoners are the most likely to make the drive and experience the action live with 18% committed to making the drive North West.

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