New research for Chili’s restaurant reveals 3 in 4 Americans think the most important factor in hosting a stellar party is the people attending. A fun atmosphere (72%) and the availability of awesome food (61%) came in second and third.

In fact 61% of those surveyed would think more favorably of a friend who hosted a well-attended party. The type of party was also important when examining what made parties enjoyable.

52% of respondents said they most enjoy holiday-themed parties, while 33% of respondents said they most enjoy milestone parties like birthdays and anniversaries.

62% of Americans think birthdays are one of the days best celebrated by a drink, followed by the Fourth of July (49%) and Saint Patrick’s Day (45%). 42% of those surveyed said they would be most likely to celebrate their birthday with a margarita, compared to only 17% of people who would celebrate a major holiday.

The margarita (45%) would be the most missed drink among Americans were it to disappear from menus and bars, followed by the Long Island Iced Tea (34%) and the Martini (17%).

20% of respondents said any activity at all is enhanced by a margarita.

Mexican food was overwhelmingly believed to be best paired with margaritas, as 62% of respondents said chips and salsa were the ideal pairing, whereas 52% rated fajitas their favorite and 50% said chips and queso.

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