An estimated 18 million people in the UK are said to suffer from hay fever, new research from Asda Pharmacy reveals. But for those who suffer from hay fever, it is incredibly difficult to enjoy all that summer has to offer.

51% of hay fever sufferers claim that the condition prevents them from enjoying life in the summer months. 31% forced to stay indoors with the windows and doors shut in a bid to keep all pollen out the house.

54% of British hay fever sufferers will actively avoid taking part in outdoor sports to avoid their hay fever flaring up.  24% say that their hay fever means they find it difficult to play with their child outside.

The research reveals that hay fever is keeping sufferers wide awake. 67% Brits suffer from sleepless nights as a result of their hay fever, with more than 49% having more than 3 nights of disturbed sleep each week. 51% suffer from fatigue in their everyday life as a result.

Despite knowing the difficulties of living with hay fever, 26% still feel unprepared for the upcoming holiday season. In fact 63% admit that they never research pollen levels for holiday destinations they are visiting, ruining a holiday for 48%.

The research suggests that it can be a lonely condition. In fact 54% say that they find other people don’t quite understand their condition and find other people are unsympathetic with the difficulties that they face.

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