‘I like it hot, but not this hot’….how many times have you heard that over the past few weeks? With Great Britain currently the hottest place in Europe (yes you read that right!) our research reveals how people are coping with the temperatures of #HeatWave2018.

Some like it hot: 25 million Brits consider a staycation as heatwave continues

Following the recent heatwave in the UK, almost half (48%) of Brits are considering staying in the UK for their summer holiday this year. While three in ten (29%) have already booked their staycation, 19% are considering booking one after the recent spout of warm weather. In comparison, just 21% said they will go abroad instead and 31% are not going on holiday at all.


Staycation Infographic Atomik ResearchYorkshire: 2018’s most popular UK holiday destination

Yorkshire is set to be the most popular destination for staycations this summer, with over a fifth (22%) of UK holidaymakers saying they are considering visiting the Northern region – whether for the coastline that includes Scarborough and Robin Hood Bay, or the countryside appeal of the Yorkshire Dales and national parks.

Yorkshire ranks just above the popular seaside destinations of Cornwall (22%) and Devon (20%), while Lancashire and Dorset have come fourth and fifth on the list of most popular summer destinations for 2018. Here’s the full list according to our research:

  1. Yorkshire (e.g. Robin Hood Bay)
  2. Cornwall (e.g. St Ives)
  3. Devon (e.g. Ilfracombe)
  4. Lancashire (e.g. Blackpool)
  5. Dorset (e.g. Weymouth)
  6. Norfolk (e.g. Cromer)
  7. Suffolk (e.g. Southwold)
  8. Sussex (e.g. Brighton)
  9. Kent (e.g. Whitstable)
  10. Wales (e.g. Aberystwyth)

Yorkshire is the most popular destination for adults living in the North West and London according to the research, as well as those in Yorkshire and the Humber. While Cornwall is the destination of choice for people in the South West, the South East, the East Midlands and the North East; rival Devon is the preferred choice for those in the West Midlands; and those in the East/East Anglia prefer to stay close to home and head to Norfolk for their staycation.

As schools break up, the roads are set to be particularly busy this weekend (27th-29th July) with almost 16 million Brits planning to go away in the UK; either for their summer holiday or a day trip. After sweltering temperatures in the capital, two-thirds (66%) of adults in London are planning to get away this weekend, with 44% planning a day trip and 21% off on a longer holiday.

The worst aspects of the heatwave

While the heatwave may provide a welcome boost for the tourism sector, us Brits love a good moan about the weather, and our survey reveals the worst aspects of the heatwave as voted for by the 2,000 adults surveyed. In at number one is the lack of sleep, leaving us all grouchy and grumbling. While the research revealed the second worst aspect was one for the nation of horticulturalists, who hate to see that their pride and joy – the garden – dying. Spare a thought for those commuting, who are disgusted by the sweat and bad odour from people on public transport, while others find car journeys are completely unbearable.

What are the worst aspects of the heatwave?

  1. Not having a good night’s sleep all week
  2. My garden is dying
  3. Constantly thirsty
  4. Sweaty/ bad odour from people on public transportation
  5. Car/train journeys are unbearable
  6. It’s all people talk about
  7. Can’t concentrate at work
  8. Nothing – I love the heatwave
  9. Not having enough appropriate clothes
  10. Bright sun making it impossible to look at my phone

As the temperatures soar, it certainly isn’t getting heated in the bedrooms of the nation. The research revealed a whopping six in ten (60%) of those in a relationship admit they have stopped having sex with their partner as its too hot in the heatwave, compared to the 40% who don’t mind it getting steamy.


Staycation Infographic Atomik ResearchDoing the laundry has never been so quick

Taking a more practical approach for the positive aspects of the warm weather, Brits are most happy about the fact that their clothes are drying faster (39%), while also being able to enjoy summer activities with no rain (34%) – which of course comes at the garden’s expense. Leaving the house without a jacket and staying out longer at night are the other main positives, while a fifth of the nation love that they can eat ice lollies guilt-free.

What have you enjoyed about the heatwave?

  1. Clothes drying faster
  2. Enjoying summer activities with no rain
  3. Not having to wear a jacket
  4. Being able to stay out longer at night
  5. Getting a tan
  6. Eating ice lollies guilt-free
  7. Nothing – I hate the heatwave
  8. Taking trips to beaches or lakes
  9. More relaxed dress code at work
  10. Swimming in the warmer water

With the heatwave rumoured to be coming to an end this weekend, we’ll soon be looking back on the hot and hazy, sleep-deprived and delirious time with a mixture of longing and relief. Until then, lets kick back with an ice lolly and await the return of the grey drizzly British Summer that we all know and love.

Staycation Infographic Atomik Research
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