Energy company E-ON commissioned Atomik Research to conduct PR research into old tech. Specifically, the survey looked at whether Britons are being encouraged to embrace new technology. E-On’s campaign looked to help people switch to a Smart Meter to help them save money.

The PR research was part of a wider campaign conducted along side our parent company, 4media group. This research formed the basis of a press release sent out to national and regional broadcasters as part of a broadcast day sell in.

Key findings of the survey included:

  • 25% of the population are hanging onto tech that’s 20 years or older.
  • 28% use old tech because they feel comfortable using them
  • 32% don’t see the need to upgrade.
  • 64% of Brits refuse to experiment with new gadgets and gizmos
  • Nearly 47% of people say new technology makes them feel nervous
  • 50% say they are sceptical about using the latest gadgets
  • 69% of homeowners don’t worry about refusing to upgrade
  • 40% are being encouraged to try smart TVs
  • 24% are being encouraged to smart energy meters
  • 20% are being encouraged to try Bluetooth Speakers
  • Almost three-quarters of Brits are using technology to monitor various aspects of their life. Online banking was the most common at 44%.
  • People are also using new tech to help monitor data usage (25%), energy use (23%) and fitness activities (22%)
  • The main reasons newer technologies were adopted were:
    • ‘To make my life easier’ (38%)
    • Trying ‘To be more energy efficient’ (31%)
    • Wanting ‘to save money’ (28%)
  • 28% of people wrongly believe a smart meter won’t make a real difference to their bills
  • 33% still read their meter to keep track of their energy use

The campaign was fronted by Michael Lewis, Chief Executive of E.ON UK and consumer champion and former TV presenter, Philippa Forrester, with 2000 British consumers taking part in the PR research.

By 2020, the Government intends for everyone in Great Britain to have been offered the switch from old-style gas and electricity meters to more advanced smart meters, which send accurate usage information to energy suppliers in near-rear time and give people more visibility of and control over their energy use and spend.

The campaign was a tremendous success with a jam-packed day of 17 radio interviews including 3 BBC Radio stations, 2 Capital Stations, Jazz FM and many more! The broadcast day has an audience reach of 3.81M and a total of 137 minutes of air time.

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