RSA More Th>n commissioned research with Atomik Research into driverless cars for their Autonomy and Motor Insurance: What’s Next report. The report assesses how people really feel about driverless cars – and why exactly we’re so hesitant when it comes to new technology.

In order to gather the data Atomik Research surveyed over 10,000 UK adults to find out their opinions. The data was then given to our in-house design team who produced a fully branded document that could be used by RSA to assist with thought leadership and future marketing activity.

Key findings from the report included:

  • 61% of adults believe the biggest issue with driverless cars is technology.
  • 33% were worried about the software going wrong.
  • 15% feel unsafe to hand over control to a computer.
  • 1 in 10 are even worried about hacking.
  • 68% of people wanting to keep their own car then swap to a driverless vehicle
  • only 35% of people think driverless cars will significantly reduce the 1.2 million deaths on the world’s roads each year

View the report by clicking the image below:

RSA Driverless Cars

RSA Pet Ownership Report