Atomik Research were commissioned by ASDA Pharmacy to conduct PR research aimed at exploring the true cost of sick days. The research looked specifically at how many people are going to work sick and what is preventing them from getting the proper rest they need. To find out Atomik Research surveyed 2,000 employed adults.

Key findings from the PR research include:

  • 21% of employed adults do not get paid for any sick days taken off work
  • 51% of employed adults only get a limited number of paid sick days by their workplace
  • Of the 6.8 million adults who don’t get any sick days, having 5 days off sick with the flu could cost them £309 in lost income (based on their average monthly take-home salary), which is £62 a day
  • For those entitled to 5 sick days, if they have already used their allowance and are struck down with the flu (for example) for a further 5 days, this could cost up to £640 in lost income, while per day that’s £128 (based on their average monthly take-home salary)
  • 74% of employed adults said they would feel obliged to come into work if they weren’t well
  • The main reasons for this include:
    • guilt and fear (from their boss or colleagues)
    • 23% worry about the work load piling up
    • 21% say there isn’t anyone else to cover their work
    • 18% feel their colleagues/boss might judge them for being off
  • 60% of employed adults believe they have caught a cold from a colleague that has come into work ill

The research was part of a wider campaign created in conjunction with our parent company, 4media group, which consisted of research, broadcast and news generation elements. The broadcast day was fronted by TV’s Dr Hillary Jones and pharmacist Maq Din, giving broadcasters and publishers more insight into the findings of the research and wider insight in to the health impact of going back to work too soon.

The campaign achieved widespread media coverage, picking up interviews and coverage across both broadcast and news outlets. Highlights included Talk Radio, BBC Radio West Midlands, The Daily Mirror, The Sun Online, The Scottish Sun online, The Scottish Sun, The Daily Record, The Newcastle Evening Chronicle and much more!

View the full case study here to find out how we carried out this research and the coverage it generated.

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