Atomik Research were commissioned by WAHL Grooming to conduct PR research aimed at exploring secret beauty regimes of the UK’s men. The research looked specifically at what grooming treatments and products men are buying and how open they are about them. To find out Atomik Research surveyed 1,000 male adults from the UK.

Key findings from the PR research include:

  • 38% of men have hidden their beauty buys from their partners
  • 54% of men buy hair styling products
  • 67% of men buy moisturiser
  • 40% of men buy anti-aging cream
  • 22% of men buy concealer
  • 22% of men buy face masks – 12% have hidden these from their partner
  • 19% get their eyebrow waxed
  • 23% of men say their spending on maintaining their appearance has increased
    • 36% say this is because as they age they need to spend more to maintain my appearance
    • 35% say this is because they are more conscious of how they look
    • 33% say it is because they are buying higher quality products/treatments
    • 29% say it’s become more acceptable to spend on appearance
  • 39% of men have secretly been to get beauty treatments in their lunch hour
  • 42% of men are concerned about hair loss, hair thinning or receding and are using products/treatment or are considering taking actionto combat the problem

The research was part of a wider campaign created in conjunction with our parent company, 4media group, which consisted of research, broadcast and news generation elements. The broadcast day was fronted by Simon Shaw, Global Artistic Director at WAHL, giving broadcasters and publishers more insight into the findings of the research.

The campaign secured 24 items of coverage across broadcast and news outlets. Coverage highlights included BBC Scotland, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Devon, The Daily Mirror, The Sun Online, The Scottish Sun online, Professional Beauty magazine, and more!

View the full case study here to find out how we carried out this research and the coverage it generated.

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